Thursday, October 22, 2015


I think the author of this article must be very educated and brilliant. Using nontraditional supplies to make art can yield nontraditional projects and evoke nontraditional emotions which can be an interesting idea.

>1  Painting on an old window is a good way to recycle something and make it art.

>2 Painting with coffee is nontraditional and you can get different values depending on whats in the coffee and its concentration.
beautifulcoffeesets: Coffee by ~CharlieRenwick Coffee on watercolour paper!:

>3 using things on the street to make your art is clever
Creative skeleton. For a high school art lesson, have students take chalk outside and find something ordinary and turn it into something extraordinary then take a photo of it and print it out. Could even overlay the image with text and turn it into a poster.:

>4  Obviously Steve Jobs
collected from SOGOODSOBAD.COM brilliant-post-it-notes-artwork-around-the-world-13:

>5  lastly, a LEGO wedding dress
LEGO Wedding Dress by Rie Hosokai - The LEGO dress was designed by Japanese artist Rie Hosokai - inspired by her prior work - a similarly-shaped wedding dress made from balloons (Daisy Balloon is balloon artist Rie Hosokai and art director/graphic designer Takashi Kawada). It was created for the Piece of Peace LEGO Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan (2012) -

Friday, October 9, 2015

Postmodern Principles: Olivia Gude

The actual reading portion for this article was mediocre. It didn't excite me any, however; the pictures it had along with the reading evoked some emotion in me. The juxtaposition piece by a student was described as a "psychological self-portrait" which i think is very interesting. Not many high school students think to do a psychological self portrait and his choice to use marshmallows and fire is very thought provoking. My favorite picture from the collection is the recontextualization image, titled as "Border Barbie". I am inspired by this piece because it takes something/someone we all know and molds it into a realistic situation. Everyone has heard about how Barbie has unrealistic bodily proportions, which she does, but what I love about this piece so much is how the artist took a situation like immigration seem very realistic and almost glamourous by having a company like Barbie as its face.

Monday, October 5, 2015


The what, why, how project.

The past couple of months I've been a ball of anxiety and espresso. between school, work, college plans, and planning now two foreign mission trips my to do list has been thoroughly packed and some things just haven't made the cut. one of  those things being art, i didn't put time, energy or the mental capacity aside for doing any art. so when this project was introduced it was another thing i had to do and i disregarded it and put it in the back of the line. with the help of my teachers unwavering nagging and dedication they lit a fire under my ass to get this project started. i think in words more than i do visual images or colors. my mind was a tornado and any plan or sketch id try and run with would just get swept away and destroyed by other stressers. i became hopeless and that's when we looked into making a collage. while looking through magazines for pictures i realized that the words on the pages interested me more than any picture. so i snipped away. i also chose a lot of black and white simple and clean images for the background along with some pops of a bright orange. honestly, i think steve jobs was part of the inspiration for this project, he had a very unique way of thinking, and a very simplistic way of portraying information, so i wanted to incorporate that somehow into my collage. i feel peace when i look at this, maybe because  im crazy or maybe because its the only solid, clean, and organized thing in my life right now that i have control over.
no i did not have a question to inspire this piece, and i love that. my life and everything i have going on requires questions and/or answers and quite frankly i don't have all of the answers and that stresses me. the reason for this project was to avoid questions, have it clean, simple and organized so the viewer may take it as they perceive it.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Project #1- The coffee owl

For our first project we had to use a specific word as the theme of our piece. I initially wanted to use the word line and draw a mirrored dream catcher to look like an owl and have a bunch of intricate lines and patterns in it. Then as i started drawing all the feathers and colored them in i realized this was not going to work as i planned.. I was upset and racked my brain with every medium i could use for the feathers. We make coffee everyday in class for feed my ongoing addiction, and i happened to put my cup down on my paper and it left a ring of coffee stain and then we thought, paint with coffee. and so it was born. everyday i'd take the grounds from earlier and water them down and paint the feathers, i'd just add layers of stain to make them look darker and give the picture depth and contrast. So now looking at my ALMOST finished piece i am really glad i did use the coffee and i love it. i plan on putting brown leaves like the one on the right on top of all the other purple leaves from before, then painting the background a watercolor light pastel green. and it smells like coffee so its truely great